Vitamin E Body Cream (50ml)


A rich body cream with healing Vitamin E to help protect, defend and intensively moisturise very dry skin.


This fabulous handmade rich body cream is a new addition to our very popular Vitamin E range for those with extremely dry skins. We're really pleased to let you know that our customers with sensitive, eczema, and psoriasis prone skins have found this body cream both nourishing and comforting, but really you do have to try it for yourself!

Made simply with our secret blend of Sweet Almond oil, Thistle oil (safflower oil),  and Sunflower oil and Vitamin E to help protect the skin.  Each of the natural plant oils are chosen for their different rate of absorption, helping provide natural comfort for the skin. Our Vitamin E Body cream has no essential oils added to it, so it is also suitable for the most reactive skins.

To use our simple day Vitamin E Body cream use after bathing both morning and night. Just dispense a good amount onto the hands and massage across the body in upward strokes concentrating on those particularly dry areas.

Just to let you know many of our customers use our Vitamin E body cream for the whole family and it's great for  dry patches ..well....pretty much anywhere on the body at any age!


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