Mint & Fragonia Foot Cream (50ml / 100ml)


An intensive, softening foot cream treatment to refresh condition and mois- turise hard skin, using the natural anti-fungal properties of natural Papaya seed oil & organic Mint & Fragonia essential oils.



Our intensive foot cream developed ''solely'' 🙂  to address the problems of those customers prone to hard skin and cracking heals and originally used in our pedicures.

We use the natural anti fungal action of Papaya seed oil combined with the anti viral and anti bacterial properties of both Mint and Fragonia essential oils. We use natural sourced lactic acid and carbamide in this product to really help with the potential hard heel issue, why ? because it's effective, so please do not use this product any where else other than the feet!

Alot of people have not heard of Fragonia Essential oil...that is because it's a relatively new discovery from Austrialia. Fragonia has the same properties as Tea Tree but with a more citrus aroma, it also theraputically supposed to be used to help people ''let go'' of their problems! So, as far as we are concerned, a good candidate oil for our foot cream.

Apply day and night to the feet concentrating on troubled areas, or give your feet a treat by putting a good amount on and popping a on comfy pair of socks.


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50ml, 100ml, 200ml


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